Tangle Math

A fun math game about numbers, space and quantum physics and based on the Swedish book Det svarta hålet written by the first and only Swedish ESA Astronaut Christer Fuglesang.

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Tangle Math is a math memory game

When you stop counting you lose

The game is based on the first and only Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang's book
Det svarta hålet (The Black Hole). Tangle Math is for children from 7 years old who like math.
Even adults will like Tangle Math!

In Tangle Math you are looking for two tokens with the same number.
All tokens do not show their numbers, but you can figure out hidden numbers
because tokens of the same color have the same color sum. With the color sum and
the visible number, you can calculate the hidden number.

Level with different challenges

Tangle Math has 9 pages. Each page has 9 accessible levels.

Count all the time to win!

It is important to find numbers as soon as possible.

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